LG G7 – Mobile Customization at its best

LG is one the major mobile phone manufacturers in the market today. But while competing with giants like Apple and Samsung, LG has lost its charm in the market. With everybody just pumping in specs to phones, budget companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo are gaining the market share with good pace. LG though is still one of the premium brands, being counted in the lights of Samsung and Apple, its innovation level has never been into question. With the last launched LG G5, innovation was at its peak. There were plug-able accessories with the phone, which was a whole new approach to customized configuration. From customized PCs to customized phones, future looks like here already. Rumors are rolling already for the upcoming LG G6, which is anticipated by the fans as something which they dream of in a phone. How about expectations from the LG G7?

Recently LG released a video of its fan talking about what they would wish to have in their dream phone. Fans in this video talk about crazy things like a bendable screen, 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB of storage, waterproof and what not.

LG recently launched their signature OLED Television screens, which are as thin as a film and can simply be pasted on to the walls. LG collected a lot of eyes for this and the same kind of a screen is expected to be sported in the upcoming LG G6. With so much advancement in the technology fans are expecting a bigger surprise with the next upcoming LG G7 phone with OLED paper display. While comparing the LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8, fans are expecting more from LG this time rather than Samsung. The kind of design changes LG dared to do to their LG G5 like removable battery, additional camera, louder speakers, it surely is fair for fans to expect more from their next.

Reviews of LG G7 will be available when the phone is released but going by the reviews we have for LG’s G5 and the expectations people have laid down for G6, we are very certain that G7 phone will not break any of those expectations.

LG G7 Release Date

Going by the trend, all the previous phones have been released with a timeframe of little more than a year. For example, LG G3 was released on 27 May, then the next G4 came on April 28, following which LG G5 was then launched onĀ  Feb 21, 2016. Now watching the trend and connecting the dates, LG G6 should be launched in Feb this year. LG G7 design and manufacturing will start right after the release as the design teams will start collecting designs for the next generation of LG’s flagship phone. And then will be the LG G7 release date i.e., around Jan 2018.

LG G7 Price and Worthiness

Users consider LG as one of the premium brands out there in the lights of Samsung and Sony. With the experiments LG does with its design is very interesting for users and they hence are not afraid to invest a little more than any other usual phone design. LG G5 price is close to 600 USD, and other additional accessories are optional. These accessories range from 100 USD to 500 USD. LG G6 is anticipated with decent competitive price tag of under USD 700. With the ever increasing competition on the phone prices, it has become very important for the company to keep the prices low.Hence to our calculations, LG G7 price should be under 700 USD for United States of America.

LG G7 – 64 GBUSD 700
LG G7 – 128 GBUSD 800

LG G7 Specs and Features

LG G6 is anticipated to be having Snapdragon 821 as its heart. Further to this LG G7 specs will most probably constitute of Snapdragon 835. Over which a standard upgrade on RAM and Camera is expected. Wireless charging is another thing that LG was heard to be working on since some time. All the wireless charging options available in the market today are wireless to the point that a phone doesn’t have to connect to the charger through the wire, but a touch between both is necessary. Early in 2016, there was news that LG has worked out a solution on wireless charging that will allow charging a phone with a distance connection. This technology will revolutionize the way we have been charging out phones. The only challenge they have is, will these rays affect a human body. The phone is believed to charge with capturing the negative and positive protons in the air and converting that into electricity. For now, this certainly sounds crazy, but let us wait to see what LG have got to offer.

Should you wait for LG G7?

Counting on the things in rumors for LG G6, the next up will surely be another piece of art and technology. With what LG did with the previous LG G5 really uplifted the expectations from their Android devices especially this flagship series. Customization on the phone can be said to be invented by LG and hence we expect more of it from its next.

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