LG G7 – Smartphone Customization at its best

LG is one the major mobile phone manufacturers in the market today. But while competing with giants like Apple and Samsung, LG has lost its charm in the market. With everybody just pumping in specs to phones, budget companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo are gaining the market share with good pace.

LG though is still one of the premium brands, being counted in the lights of Samsung and Apple, its innovation level has never been into question. With the last launched LG G5, innovation was at its peak. There were plug-able accessories with the phone, which was a whole new approach to customized configuration. From customized PCs to customized phones, future looks like here already. Rumors are rolling already for the upcoming G7, which is anticipated by the fans as something which they dream of in a phone.

LG though is still one of the premium brands, being counted in the lights of Samsung and Apple, its innovation level has never been into question. With the last launched LG G5, innovation was at its peak. There were plug-able accessories with the phone, which was a whole new approach to customized configuration. From customized PCs to customized phones, future looks like here already. Rumors are rolling already for the upcoming G7, which is anticipated by the fans as something which they dream of in a phone.

LG though is still one of the premium brands, being counted in the lights of Samsung and Apple, its innovation level has never been into question. With the last launched LG G5, innovation was at its peak. There were plug-able accessories with the phone, which was a whole new approach to customized configuration. From customized PCs to customized phones, future looks like here already. Rumors are rolling already for the upcoming G7, which is anticipated by the fans as something which they dream of in a phone.

Recently LG released a video of its fan talking about what they would wish to have in their dream phone. Fans in this video talk about crazy things like a bendable screen, 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB of storage, waterproof and what not.

LG recently launched their signature OLED Television screens, which are as thin as a film and can simply be pasted on to the walls. LG collected a lot of eyes for this and the same kind of a screen is expected to be sported in the upcoming LG G6. With so much advancement in the technology, fans are expecting a bigger surprise with the next upcoming LG G7 phone with OLED paper display. While comparing the LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8, fans are expecting more from LG this time rather than Samsung. The kind of design changes LG dared to do to their LG G5 like removable battery, additional camera, louder speakers, it surely is fair for fans to expect more from their next.

Reviews of LG G7 will be available when the phone is released but going by the reviews we have for LG’s G5 and the expectations people have laid down for G6, we are very certain that G7 phone will not break any of those expectations.

LG recently launched its 2017 flagship phone, the LG G6, not months ago and the manufacturers have already started working on their next year’s flagship the LG G7. A lot of rumors have started surfacing the web and people are quite excited about how it will go, especially after being a little led down by the previous model of the G series, LG G6. Although LG G6 did acquire quite a place in the market owing to its sleek design, the ability to multitask, great display and improved battery life it was still disappointing to many because it was not powered by the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC but rather its predecessor Snapdragon 821 SoC. It, however, still survived the market and has even been in place amongst the best phones so far next to big companies like Samsung and OnePlus.
LG claimed that Snapdragon 821 is more stable than the Snapdragon 835, it, however, did not turn away the fact that it was because of limited supply that LG had to take equip it with the latest processor.

It is reported that LG has now taken steps to rectify this mistake, and is fully determined to not back down, the first one being establishing a partnership with Qualcomm. According to some recent reports from The Investor, it is being said that LG will now be using Octa Core processor Snapdragon 845 SoC for its next year’s flagship G7. Hence we are expecting a more advanced, efficient and faster flagship phone from LG.
Recent reports also suggest something similar for Samsung’s flagship for next year Galaxy S9. According to some rumors, Samsung also has started working with Qualcomm for developing octa-core processor Snapdragon 845 SoC for Galaxy S9. It’s quite interesting seeing how both these rival companies are planning on staying a step ahead of each other in developing the best of smartphones the world has ever seen.

With the increasing competition between LG and companies like Samsung, Xiomi and OnePlus, LG will have to make a comeback with advanced features and latest technologies.
In this Article, We are sharing with you some of the floating rumors and expectations of users from the next iteration of LG’s G series expected to arrive next year, in 2018.

LG G7 Release Date

Going by the trend, all the previous phones have been released with a timeframe of little more than a year. For example, LG G3 was released on 27 May, then the next G4 came on April 28, following which LG G5 was then launched on  Feb 21, 2016. Now watching the trend and connecting the dates, LG G6 should be launched in Feb this year. LG G7 design and manufacturing will start right after the release as the design teams will start collecting designs for the next generation of LG’s flagship phone. And then will be the LG G7 release date i.e., around Jan 2018.

LG G7 Release DateFeb xx, 2018
LG G6 Release DateMar 25, 2017
LG G5 Release DateApr 23, 2016
LG G4 Release DateApr 29, 2015

LG G7 Price and Worthiness

Users consider LG as one of the premium brands out there in the lights of Samsung and Sony. With the experiments LG does with its design is very interesting for users and they hence are not afraid to invest a little more than any other usual phone design. LG G5 price is close to 600 USD, and other additional accessories are optional. These accessories range from 100 USD to 500 USD. LG G6 is anticipated with decent competitive price tag of under USD 700. With the ever increasing competition on the phone prices, it has become very important for the company to keep the prices low.Hence to our calculations, LG G7 price should be under 700 USD for United States of America.

LG  G7 Phone VarientPrice
LG G7 – 64 GBUSD 700
LG G7 – 128 GBUSD 800

LG G7 Specs and Features

LG G6 is anticipated to be having Snapdragon 821 as its heart. Further to this LG G7 specs will most probably constitute of Snapdragon 835. Over which a standard upgrade on RAM and Camera is expected. Wireless charging is another thing that LG was heard to be working on since some time. All the wireless charging options available in the market today are wireless to the point that a phone doesn’t have to connect to the charger through the wire, but a touch between both is necessary. Early in 2016, there was news that LG has worked out a solution on wireless charging that will allow charging a phone with a distance connection. This technology will revolutionize the way we have been charging out phones. The only challenge they have is, will these rays affect a human body. The phone is believed to charge with capturing the negative and positive protons in the air and converting that into electricity. For now, this certainly sounds crazy, but let us wait to see what LG have got to offer.


LG G series is known not for just its durability and strong built but also for its magnificent features like Corning Gorilla glass, extra slim bezels, Dolby vision, which is not seen in many phones so far, and great resolution. It is rumored that G7 will live up to this reputation with 5.4″ 4K Display with a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixel. It will be protected via the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to survive accidental drops and come out unscathed while also being waterproof and dustproof. Gorilla Glass 3 is basically for scratches and its the Gorilla Glass 5 which helps the phone survive extreme drops. Like its predecessor LG G6, the upcoming flagship will also support Dolby Vision and HDR 10 for enhanced videos, G6 was the first to support this imaging technology to deliver stunning visual experiences. With extremely slim bezels the device would look magnificent and stand tall against its rivals like Samsung Galaxy S9. The built would be strong, and you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone now and then.


The most talked about topic for G7 since rumors started flying about its Launch next year, is equipping it with Qualcomm Octacore Snapdragon 845 SoC processor. It is rumored that the work on this chip has already been started and that it will be based on 10-nanometer LPP process technology. It will be an Octa-Core chipset with Cortex A-75 and A-55 cores, clearly more powerful and efficient than Snapdragon 835. Apart from delivering performance improvements, some reports say that the Octa Core Snapdragon 845 will also make way for a better and more compelling virtual reality and augmented reality support on mobile devices as they require a more powerful data processing capability.
Latest processors play a vital role in the success of any phone. It makes the device not only faster but a lot more efficient as well gaining the attention of prospective buyers, and therefore the demand of the device increases several folds.
Similar has been reported for LG’s rival company, Samsung for its upcoming flagship Galaxy S9, and S9 plus. This year Samsung was a step ahead of LG with S8 being equipped with the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC, so it is assumed that LG will be ardent not to provide Samsung a power advantage next year.


3500 mAh, the non-removable battery will be an improvement over G6’s 3300 mAh battery for 2017. Battery life will be much better, and users can go about all day with on a single charge. Nobody likes to be interrupted with low battery alerts when on a call or while doing something important. This phone is going to solve that! It will also support fast charging like all the flagships nowadays. IT will also support wireless charging.
If wireless charging will be available in India or not is yet to be seen. The chances are that it will, however, nothing is confirmed so far.


One of the huge improvement LG will bring about in its 2018 flagship is that LG G7 will come with dual cameras, that too with 22 MP rear camera and 12 MP front camera! Like LG G6 it may offer 125-degree wide angle for a full field of view, it can cover a larger area with a distinct fish eye effect on the edges. The cameras will have improved aperture, Optical Image stabilization, phase detection auto laser focus, dual LED flash giving users the best of image quality even in low light. For those who love photo shooting during the night, this is a big Yes Yes! It will also be assisted with geo-tagging for posting on social media and up to 4x Optical zoom.
The image quality obviously would be superb with an excellent dynamic range. Users are going to love this even more after G6 which is already appreciated by many for its great Camera.

Storage and Memory

How can LG not improvise regarding the storage and memory for its going to be the flagship phone for 2018? They definitely will, and we are expecting a 6GB RAM with 32GB Internal Memory, which of course can be further expanded with dual microSD card slots. This is something every phone enthusiast is excited about. We are, for sure!

IRIS Scanner

Like every flagship phones of this year and all the upcoming years, LG will also have Iris Scanner for better security and protects your data. And who does not love Iris scanner anyway? Just align your eyes with the two small dots, and it tells you if you are the rightful owner or not, who wouldn’t like something as cool as that?

IR Blaster

IR blaster may sound a little new to those who doesn’t know much about LG’s phones. But for those who have been following LG’s G Series know what we are talking about. IR blaster or Infra Red Blaster is a sensor, much like accelerometer or proximity sensor and emits signals to control household appliances which require a remote. So, yes one can easily sit back and control appliances like T.V or air conditioners without worrying about finding the remote if it’s lost.
LG chose to skip IR blaster in its previous G6 phone for reasons unknown; maybe it got some bugs, maybe it wasn’t that effective. But it, however, may reintroduce it in G7 next year, and all for the good reasons. We don’t like to find remotes, do we?

Snapdragon 845 SoC for the upcoming LG G7?

It was quite surprising when LG G6 which was supposed to feature Snapdragon 835 processor came with Snapdragon 821 chipset instead. This was unexpected as most of the phones launched in 2017 came with the latest Snapdragon 835 version. Nonetheless, the display and overall design of G7 were sufficed to make an impression.


LG was the first company to launch its flagship Smartphone in 2017 and therefore had to go with the older Snapdragon 821 chipsets, it, however, claimed that Snapdragon 821 chipset is more stable and optimized than Smartphones with the new Snapdragon 835.

Now, according to the latest reports, LG won’t stick with the older processor for its upcoming 2018 flagship G7. It is assumed that it most probably will come with the latest Snapdragon 845 SoC.

The South Korean electronics giant has even started working with Qualcomm for this very reason. Since Customers tend to go for phones with the latest processor, if this report is true, G7 might as well prove to be a strong competitor against smartphones from renowned manufacturers like Samsung and OnePlus.

Expectations from the LG G7 in the market

With the high competition between rival Samsung and LG, it would be absorbing to see who will have the edge over the other. With rumors about the features of LG G7, it is safe to say that it will hold its ground and stand tall against all rival companies. G6 may have been a little disappointing to some; it had its pros. Seeing G6 do so well in the Market upfront, it is obvious that LG G7 will also be loved by the lot! And will prove to be a great comeback for LG G series.

G6 has proven that it may not look as good as Samsung Galaxy S8, but it’s a strong competitor even when it was not equipped with the latest version of Snapdragon processor. Rumors have it, that G7, however, will be better in both looks and efficient.
We are looking forward to its launch and finding out more about the LG G7 phone.
It is undeniable that G7 flagship will be amongst the hottest smartphones of 2018, LG has done an excellent job over the past few years and secured itself a right place in the market. IT has only improved in every aspect, and it seems will continue doing so with their next year’s release.
We can’t wait for the next iteration of LG’s G series, and we are sure you can’t either. We will keep updating about this much-awaited smartphone, so stay tuned!

Pre-ordering the LG G7 in advance

The Mobile World Congress Event in Barcelona takes place every year and is a platform for several companies to showcase their products. It will be held in January next year in 2018, and it is expected that LG will unveil its flagship G7 there only along with Samsung, which will unveil its own flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. The annual event is one of the largest for Tech manufacturers and companies from all over the world come to attend and show off their latest designs. Therefore, It is much awaited by all Tech enthusiasts.

Should you wait for LG G7?

Counting on the things in rumors for LG G6, the next up will surely be another piece of art and technology. With what LG did with the previous LG G5 really uplifted the expectations from their Android devices especially this flagship series. Customization on the phone can be said to be invented by LG and hence we expect more of it from its next.

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