LG G7 vs. Apple iPhone X: Which one will be a Boon in Mobile Industry


We are living in an era where smartphones and gadget becomes an inevitable thing to believe. It is proven that most of us are staying hooked upon with mobile and therefore mobile industry has so far come with the latest features of Smartphone’s which surely end up a trendsetter in the mobile business.

Nowadays the advancement of mobile technology has a signal out the need of Smartphone. So every app maker is trying their level best to invent new exciting features and applications that will immensely benefit the gadget-savvy users. Having firmly set the trend in the mobile world, renowned mobile app maker LG has launched latest features of LG G7, and it will help the users to gather knowledge and become used by all the current days’ mobile applications.

Due to the extreme and tough rivalry, apple manufacture also comes up with an apple I phone x model of stunning design and extremely user-friendly devices. As a consumer, it is great to imagine that mobile companies are willing to experiment with an aim to deliver the best products when it comes to making a giant contributor in the mobile industry.

In a nutshell, both LG G7 and Apple iPhone X have their pros and cons and following ways you can have a good idea of which one will be the most profitable and highly demanding regarding slick design and awesome mobile features.

Exclusive brand name and loads of advanced features

LG G7 is arguably one of the user-friendly mobile handsets that are bound to appeal to the customers. Even though it just arrives in the market, but the anticipation and demand of all mobile users have made it stand out performer which makes sense to avail this latest unprecedented Smartphone.

The reviews and product description are extremely encouraging signs from a mobile market perspective. On the other hand, app maker Apple has turned out to be a profitable gainer as per as business growth is concerned. Launched in Sep 2017, the design layout of both the mobile will surely impress the buyers.

Design specification and compatibility

Whenever any new product arrived in the market, we as a buyer give top priority to new features and especially screen resolution and compatibility or how it is adjustable to different devices. The same things go to the mobile market and here comparable to apple I phone x, LG G7 has a slight edge because it comes with 4 GB RAM and font snapper is powered by Exmor RS CMOS sensor.

Price list and reviews

LG G7 and Apple I phone x both offers customers a unique choice whereas a buyer; you can buy the new LG G7. The prices and features are like it boasts a wide range of the main snapper. Also, it has selfie shooter. There is a non-removable battery powering the phone which will support the USB type. Apple I phone x is predominately navigated and have ease of applications like instead of pressing a button you can swipe and do the functionalities at ease.

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